“We have been telecommuting for two years now and the fog is beginning to dissipate. We already see the good and the bad,” says researcher Pablo Foncillas.

Between putting washing machines and continuous interruptions, a Microsoft study has revealed that we really have three productivity peaks in the day. In the office they corresponded with the before and after meals. “What happens is that now there is a last mini peak around 10 at night. This is new,” says Foncillas. “It’s one of those scars that covid is leaving in our lives. While we watch TV in the background, we take the PC and send the last emails of the day.”

In the end is it something positive or negative? “Perhaps we finish work a little earlier now that we do it from home, but it is a trick because if after eating dessert we sit down again with the computer screen, what we have achieved is to distribute the workday in another way. Better or worse…that each one decides”. Another study indicates that the day has been extended by 13%, one hour, since the outbreak of the pandemic. That is negative without a doubt: work and home, work life and private life, seem one.

Long hours, telecommuting, colleagues, relationships… What implications will all this have?