Long-distance and regional traffic at Hamburg Central Station was completely stopped on Monday morning. According to Deutsche Bahn, the reason for this was a technical malfunction. “The train radio in the Hamburg main station area has been down since shortly after 8 a.m. As a result, the main station cannot be accessed at the moment,” a spokesman for the group told the DPA news agency. In the morning, the problem was reportedly resolved after around an hour and a half.

For example, the train drivers communicate with the control centers via train radio. Without it, safe railway operations cannot be carried out. Until the error was corrected, regional and long-distance trains had to bypass Hamburg Central Station. They turned around prematurely or were redirected. The S-Bahn in the Hanseatic city runs on its own network and was not affected by the disruption. “The S-Bahn trains are running,” said the spokesman.

The departure board at Hamburg Central Station showed a number of delays and train cancellations on Monday morning. However, delays can also occur after operations resume. The cause of the disruption was not known. “Our staff on site is working hard to resolve the problem,” the railway said. Travelers should find out about their connections online or in the “DB Navigator App” before departure.

With around 550,000 travelers per day, Hamburg Central Station is considered the busiest station in Germany. Around 800 regional and long-distance trains as well as 1,200 S-Bahn trains run on 14 tracks every day.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated after the issue has been resolved.

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