Taiwan Power Company, also known as Taipower, has promised to make changes to its electricity supply for Taiwan’s outlying islands during the busy summer season. This decision comes after Liuqiu Island experienced a power outage for an hour on Saturday evening. The island, located near Pingtung County, lost power around 7:30 p.m. due to the combination of hot weather and a high number of tourists using electrical appliances.

The power demand reached a record high of 12,475 kilowatts (kW), causing the system to overload and trip, resulting in the blackout. Fortunately, Taipower was able to restore electricity to the area within an hour after confirming that there were no other issues.

Taipower reported that the peak electricity loads on Liuqiu Island in the last few years have typically occurred between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. For example, during the Dragon Boat Festival long weekend, there was a peak of 11,660 kW on June 8, and in 2023, the peak occurred on June 22 at 11,700 kW.

On the day of the power outage, 10,418 people visited Liuqiu Island, a usual number for a weekend during the peak travel season. Upon learning about the blackout, Pingtung County Magistrate Chou Chun-mi promptly requested assistance from the Taitung branch of Taipower. She also urged Taipower to reassess its power supply situation to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Taipower has stated that Liuqiu Township is currently undergoing a systematic voltage change, which is expected to improve electricity supply on the island going forward. This proactive measure aims to prevent future outages and ensure a reliable power source for residents and visitors alike. By reviewing and adjusting its electricity capacity for peak travel seasons, Taipower is taking steps to enhance the overall energy infrastructure and meet the growing demand for power during busy times.