The First 50 Ítaca IX (RCN Calpe) ridden by Manuel Gallego has been the brilliant winner of the 33rd Peñón de Ifach Trophy in ORC 1. A victory that also gives it the Salvador Mir Trophy as overall winner of all classes . Along with Gallego’s boat, the Aleph IX in ORC 2, with partials of 1-4, as well as the Aurora in ORC 3, with two wins, and the No te Nom in ORC 4, after sign a second in the first test and a victory in this second.

This second test could not have been held better in the Peñón de Ifach Trophy, which has had the very special collaboration of Port de Formentera, Marina de Formentera and Ports de Balears and although the headwind at certain times was somewhat annoying, especially everything in the last section with that cheerful Llebeig, led to the Plis Play arriving at the Calpe yacht club at 5:30 p.m., about 7:30 a.m. to complete the 64-mile route between Formentera and Calpe, almost the same as in the first stage with a minimum difference of minutes (7.36 hours in the first test and 7.27 hours in the second).

Those wind conditions made it very difficult for Vicente García’s Swan 80, winner in real and compensated in the first test, given that the fleet “ran” a lot towards Calpe, so the weather left García’s team without options in add a new partial triumph. The second to finish in Calpe was the other ‘big’ of the fleet, Agustín Gregori’s Swan 75 Alzira-Moraira, stopping time at 7:07 p.m., 1:30 a.m. later than his older brother, the Swan 80 .

After the arrival of these two units, the trickle of boats taking the arrival was constant, especially in those of greater length. Spaniard was third, followed by Ithaca, Limbo, Svinga 3, these two ships from ORC 2, and Jeffertje II. The last boat to reach the finish line was the Mary Poppins (1:32 a.m. – Sunday 29).

Once the test is closed and the compensated times have been obtained, the winners of the second test of the 33rd Peñón de Ifach Trophy, Formentera-Calpe, have been Ítaca IX in ORC 1, Svinga 3 in ORC 2, Aurora in ORC 3 and No te Nom in ORC 4.

So things, adding the two tests, the winners in the absolute general by categories have been the Ítaca IX (RCN Calpe) armed by Manuel Gallego; Aleph IX (CN La Vila), by Joaquín Pérez in ORC 2; Aurora (RCN Calpe), led by Javier Lledó in ORC 3 and No te Nom (RCR Alicante) in ORC 4, a boat owned by Francisco Tornero.

The Salvador Mir Trophy, which is awarded to the overall winner of the general classification that includes all classes, went to Manuel Gallego’s First 50 Ítaca IX with partial 2-1. Plis Play is in second place with 5 points and Jeffertje II is third with 7.

The end of the party and delivery of trophies for the 33rd Peñón de Ifach Trophy in its second round, as well as the Salvador Mir Trophy will take place on June 4 at the Real Club Náutico de Calpe.