Tastes are known to differ, and this also applies to the application of perfume. For this reason, the question of which fragrances men and women prefer to wear cannot be answered in general terms. However, online retailers such as Flaconi can use their sales figures to assess which fragrances are ordered (or given away) more frequently in summer. Below we present five creations for him and her, which are particularly popular on warm days due to their heart and top notes.

Fig and blackcurrant as top notes, jasmine as a middle note and patchouli as a base note – that’s “La vie est belle Iris Absolu”. Together, the floral components exude a fresh scent that is ideal for warm summer days. The special feature of the Eau de Parfum for women is the iris flower, a valuable source for perfumers.

Another popular summer fragrance is the “Sun” eau de toilette from Jil Sander. In addition to the very appropriate title, it is above all the base notes (vanilla, benzoin, tonka bean), heart notes (lily of the valley, jasmine, violet) and top notes (bergamot, currant, rosewood) that provide a floral and summery scent.

The summer fragrance “This is Her! Vibes of Freedom” is also described as fruity and flowery. It is composed of peony and pear (top notes), jasmine and rose (middle notes) and chestnut (base notes). According to the Zadig brand

It is not without reason that this fruity, flowery summer fragrance from s.Oliver is called “Feels like Summer”. The feminine eau de toilette is made up of partly exotic components: mango, peony and jasmine make up the top note, grapefruit, spearmint and pear make up the heart note – and cedar wood, sandalwood and musk make up the base notes.

By far the cheapest summer fragrance in this list is the “Sun Spirit” eau de toilette. According to Flaconi, the light scent exudes the feeling of a carefree summer day. This is also made possible here by the fruity top notes (cassis, strawberry, raspberry). These are complemented by jasmine, lotus and lily (middle note) as well as vanilla and sandalwood (base note).

There is a multitude of modern summer fragrances for 2023 not only for women, but also for men. One of them is “L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme Sport”. The eau de toilette achieves a certain feeling of freshness through the following ingredients: bergamot and grapefruit (top notes), nutmeg (middle notes) as well as cedar and vetiver (base notes).

The fruity-sparkling “Classic Gold” eau de toilette comes from the famous Jaguar brand. Bergamot, lime and apple dominate the summer fragrance as top notes, teak wood and orange blossom give the Odeur its woody heart note – but the men’s fragrance only becomes sensual through its base notes: patchouli, vanilla and musk.

According to Flaconi, this fresh summer fragrance for men is “unique, luxurious and incredibly powerful”. Through the combination of bergamot (top note) and iris (middle note), Prada created an enchanting eau de toilette with refreshing and clear scent nuances – which should go as deep as the ocean. For this reason, the aquatic idea is also reflected in the bottle.

The first fougère men’s fragrance by Giorgio Armani is also ideal for summer: the Eau de Parum “Acqua di Giò Homme Profondo” also has a fresh scent made up of calone, bergamot and green mandarin (top notes), lavender, cypress and rosemary (middle notes) and patchouli, cedar, amber and musk (base notes).

The “La Nuit de L’Homme” eau de toilette offers a colorful potpourri of spices, fruits, blossoms and woods: the piquant top note is created by cardamom, the heart notes (bergamot, lavender and cedar) give the summer fragrance its floral aroma. The base notes of caraway and vetiver support the tart and woody character of the men’s fragrance.

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