Hand on heart: Do socks, T-shirts and pants get mixed up in your suitcase? As soon as a piece of clothing is searched for in a travel bag or suitcase, the other items have to make room. If you’re still pressed for time and want to find the right clothes quickly, you’ll quickly end up with a mess in your luggage. The solution to the suitcase chaos are packing cubes. Who thinks: Do you really need that? Yes, because once you’ve traveled with the practical suitcase organizers, you won’t want to be without them. The gadget is simple, doesn’t cost much and can be used over and over again. What packing cubes are there and what are they useful for? The models at a glance.

It’s best to buy packing cubes as a set, so you can choose between different shapes and sizes. This suitcase organizer set includes compact packing cubes for clothes and underwear, a shoe bag, a three-compartment toiletry bag, a laundry bag for dirty clothes and a flat pocket for smaller items such as socks and electronic accessories. The more packing cubes you use, the neater your suitcase will be because you won’t have to open different organizers to find what you’re looking for.

Shoes are rather annoying in your luggage because they take up a lot of space and are dirty. Shoe bags are designed to help you conveniently store your shoes in your luggage without coming into contact with clothing or other things. It is important that the material of such shoe bags is machine washable and dries quickly. In addition, the packing cubes for shoes must be waterproof.

As is well known, space in a suitcase or travel bag is in short supply. Tips about saving space when traveling are therefore popular. The easiest way to gain storage space is to compress your luggage. This means you reduce the volume using special packing cubes. Please note, however, that this only works with flexible materials such as textiles. How the packing cubes work is quickly explained: By closing a zipper on the bottom of the bags, you press the air out of the bags.

Vacuum bags go one step further. The principle is similar, but you can remove almost all of the air so that clothing is compressed to the smallest possible size and can be packed in a suitcase to save space. Simply put textiles in the bag, turn on the vacuum cleaner, remove the air and put it in your luggage. This procedure is practical when you’re going on a winter vacation and jackets with a lot of volume need to fit in your suitcase.

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