The 16-year-old Julia W. from Remshalden near Stuttgart is dead. A spokeswoman for the Reutlingen police headquarters confirmed this to the star on Friday morning. The “Bild” newspaper and Südwestrundfunk had previously reported. The police initially gave no information on the cause of death.

Media reports about a violent death of the young people are “pure speculation” at this point in time, the spokeswoman said. The autopsy of the body should take place late Friday morning and will take a few hours. According to the police, a special commission with 35 officers has been set up to clarify the circumstances of death. Further information was announced for the course of the day.

Julia W. has been missing since Tuesday a week ago and remained missing despite extensive search measures (the star reported). The body was discovered on Thursday morning in a forest between Oberlenningen and Hochwang n (Esslingen district), around 30 kilometers south of the student’s place of residence.

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated since it was first published.

Sources: Aalen police headquarters, “Bild” newspaper, Südwestrundfunk, DPA news agency