Germany sweats in hot temperatures. Late summer extends beyond the weekend thanks to Hoch “Patricia”. As the German Weather Service announced, it will still be largely sunny on Saturday with maximum temperatures of 26 to 32 degrees in the southwestern mountains. It is a little cooler on the coasts and in the higher mountains

The same temperatures also apply for Sunday, which will also be predominantly sunny after local fog areas have cleared. Cumulus clouds can only appear in isolated cases.

On Monday it will still be midsummer with temperatures of up to 33 degrees, but a low pressure area is approaching from the west. According to meteorologists, there may be isolated showers and thunderstorms in the northwest and the Alps in the afternoon and evening.

On Tuesday night there will be showers or sometimes strong thunderstorms in the west and northwest. In the other parts of the country it will be partly cloudy, partly clear and dry, and in places there will be fog. The temperatures drop to 19 to 16 degrees, sometimes to 11 degrees.

During the day the thunderstorms then expand to the east. Although it remains very warm in some areas with highs of between 24 degrees in Emsland and 30 degrees in Lusatia, temperatures in the North Sea only reach 22 degrees. There are repeated showers of rain and isolated, sometimes strong thunderstorms in the northwest half. They also threaten the southeast half in the afternoon.

Late summer will be over by Wednesday at the latest. At 18 to 24 degrees it will then be significantly cooler and there will be changeable rainfall with showers.

The interactive map below shows where there is currently lightning, thunder and rain. You can also view the forecast for a later date using the timeline at the bottom of the graphic. At the top right, the level displayed can also be changed to, for example, rain or snow.

The service is provided by The makers use the model from the “European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts” for their representations and forecasts.

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