Taiwan is preparing for dangerous winds and heavy rain in the wake of Typhoon Haikui. As the government announced, around 3,000 people on the island were evacuated and taken to safe accommodation as a preventive measure. In addition, the airports have canceled around 250 flight connections. Many offices and schools in southern and eastern Taiwan also remained closed on Sunday.

According to the Taiwan Weather Service, the first precursors of the typhoon reached the island on Sunday morning (local time). The typhoon is expected to hit its strongest during the afternoon through Monday morning. The winds from “Haikui” last reached up to 190 kilometers per hour on Saturday.

On Monday “Haikui” meets southern China

The typhoon is expected to move to southern China on Monday. There, the provinces of Guangdong and Fujian were already struggling with the effects of Typhoon Saola at the weekend. However, due to the broad precautionary measures, this caused less damage than feared. No deaths were registered by the authorities.

The powerful hurricanes occur again and again in the summer months and affect numerous countries in Southeast Asia.