On the third day of deliberations to reach a verdict in the trial of the Halloween killer, the 11 jurors continued their deliberations without giving the slightest indication of the progress of their work.

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Cut off from their families and deprived of their phones, the 11 jurors in Carl Girouard’s trial ended a third day of deliberations in silence. Meeting from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with a two-hour dinner break, the jury therefore returned to the hotel with no verdict to offer.

The jurors have not announced themselves since Monday afternoon when they asked Superior Court Judge Richard Grenier for a copy of his instructions as well as a definition of the offenses with which the 26-year-old accused was charged. It must be said that the president of the court allowed the jury to rehear the testimony of a witness in whole or in part, without requesting it.

Psychotic delirium?

It is therefore impossible to know if they needed to listen to one or other of the psychiatric experts presented by the parties since they were sequestered. In defense, Dr. Gilles Chamberland believes that the accused was in a psychotic delirium on October 31, 2020 and that he was unable to differentiate right from wrong.

Conversely, psychiatrist Sylvain Faucher believes that Carl Girouard’s murderous journey was motivated by a narcissistic quest and that he was fully able to understand what he was doing when he attacked François Duchesne and Suzanne Clermont in addition to five injuries.

Deliberations will resume on Thursday for a fourth consecutive day.