Sales in the hospitality industry increased significantly in North Rhine-Westphalia last year, but were below the level before the pandemic. The State Statistical Office determined a real – i.e. inflation-adjusted – increase in sales of 41.3 percent compared to 2021. Nominally, sales increased by 51.1 percent.

Real sales in December were 18.4 percent higher than in the corresponding month of the previous year. Compared to December 2019, however, it was 21.5 percent lower. Compared to the previous month, sales fell by 4 percent. The number of people employed in hospitality in December was 8.7 percent higher than in December 2021.

In the hotel industry, which was particularly hard hit by the pandemic, real sales in December were 44.1 percent higher than a year ago. Compared to December 2019, it fell by 17.6 percent. In the catering industry, it rose by 30.7 percent in real terms. Compared to December 2019, however, it fell by 36.9 percent.