Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser is the SPD’s top candidate for the Hessian state elections on October 8th. She wants to remain interior minister, as the chairwoman of the Hessian SPD told Der Spiegel in an interview published on Thursday. She also informed the ministry staff of her decision in a letter available to the German Press Agency. Faeser wrote in it that she wanted to be the first woman prime minister in Hesse.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz does not expect Faeser’s top candidate to interfere with her work as Federal Minister of the Interior. “I can say about Nancy Faeser, who I know is a very, very conscientious woman: she will do everything she has to do every day,” said Scholz in a question and answer session with citizens in Marburg, Hesse. “I think this is a highly professional, great minister who is doing a great job.”

CDU and FDP warn

There had already been speculation in the past few days about a possible candidacy for Faeser. Not only the Union, but also the coalition partner FDP warned that in times of crisis with a war in Europe, large refugee movements and a continuing high terrorist threat, one cannot lead the Federal Ministry of the Interior and campaign in Hesse at the same time with the necessary commitment.

In Hesse, the Social Democrats have been in opposition since 1999. The Christian Democrats are entering the race with the incumbent Prime Minister, Boris Rhein. Economics Minister Tarek Al-Wazir is running for the Greens, which have been part of the government since 2014. This Friday, Faeser is in Friedewald at the SPD’s Hesse summit.