Almost nine months after the fatal fall of a man from a Main bridge in Lower Franconia, a man accused of murder was silent at the start of the trial. “Today my client will not provide any information,” said the 35-year-old’s defense attorney in front of the Aschaffenburg district court. On the next day of the hearing (November 18), however, he will probably answer questions from the court.

The public prosecutor believes that the accused, out of revenge, forced his acquaintance to jump into the ice-cold river between W├Ârth and Erlenbach (Miltenberg district) on the night of February 18. The 30-year-old fell about twelve meters and died in the flooded Main. The accused is said to have filmed the act with his cell phone.

The charge is, among other things, murder as an indirect perpetrator. This means that a perpetrator uses someone else as a “tool” for committing the crime, i.e. does not carry out the action himself.

The suspect and the victim have known each other for years and have also been in prison together at times. There the victim is said to have complained to a station official about the violent defendant.