Tragic incident in a suburb of the Spanish capital Madrid: A 14-year-old boy died there as a result of his drug use. As German media report, citing Spanish reports, the teenager is said to have drunk a can of Red Bull that contained around two grams of “Tusi”, so-called “pink cocaine”. These are pink mixtures of various synthetic substances, usually ketamine or ecstasy.

According to Spanish media reports, the teenager and two friends met people he had previously met via Instagram in a metro station in the suburb of Getafe last Friday evening. They are said to have poured two grams of the drug into the boy’s energy drink. Neither the teenager nor his friends are said to have noticed this. The 14-year-old then took the drugs unknowingly.

A few minutes later he is said to have fainted and suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest. Attempts at resuscitation were unsuccessful, reports the Spanish newspaper “El País”.

Meanwhile, the unknown people fled. They are said to have posted a video on social networks in which they reported on their “heroic deed” and made fun of the victim. The post can no longer be found.

The parents filed a complaint after the incident. During the autopsy, toxins were found in the teenager’s body. He was buried on Sunday. The police are investigating whether the boy actually consumed the drugs unknowingly and are investigating a possible homicide.

“Pink cocaine” is a scene name for a mixture of different substances and is primarily in circulation in Latin America. The drug is considered a fad drug and is also sold in the form of pink tablets. One gram should cost between 80 and 100 euros.

The name “pink cocaine” is actually misleading because the drug usually contains ecstasy or ketamine, and more rarely caffeine or paracetamol. Ketamine is an anesthetic or painkiller that has a sedative effect and can cause dissociative states. In combination with alcohol, the risk of respiratory paralysis increases. The real composition of “pink cocaine” can only be determined through laboratory analysis.

At the beginning of the year, Spanish police dismantled a “Tusi” drug ring in Madrid. Eleven people were arrested during the search, and officers also discovered a laboratory in which up to 20 grams of the drug could be produced. In total, the police confiscated several kilos of cocaine, ketamine, ecstasy and LSD during the raid.

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