About a month after India’s successful moon landing, the country is planning a mission to Venus. Studying this planet could potentially provide important insights into Earth’s future, Indian space agency Isro chief Sreedhara Panicker Somanath said, according to India Today. The space probe is expected to launch in the coming years, it was said. It’s about analyzing the surface and atmosphere of Venus.

At the end of August, the Indian probe “Chandrayaan-3” successfully landed on the moon. Only the Soviet Union, the USA and China had previously managed a soft landing on Earth’s satellite.

An Indian probe to explore the sun has also been on its way to its operational position since the beginning of September. According to Isro, it will take around four months for it to reach an orbit around the sun. Then the outermost layers of the sun will be explored.

India’s space program began in the 1960s. In the first decades, the focus was primarily on getting satellites into space cheaply. India now has more ambitious goals and wants to achieve a more important place in space exploration. Years ago, India also sent a probe into orbit around the planet Mars.