There have never been so many Pride events and visitors in Germany as this year. Around 140 Prides have been planned for 2023, according to the CSD Germany association, the umbrella organization for the groups and associations organizing Christopher Street Day.

“By the end of the year there will have been around four million people who were directly mobilized by the CSDs. That is the highest number that we have ever reached,” says board member and press spokesman Kai Bölle. “What sounds like a success story, however, also has its downsides,” emphasizes Bölle. “We are increasingly registering open violence directly in the context of CSDs or in the course of the supporting program.”

Targeted hate campaigns

The fact that there are more registered incidents is partly due to increased sensitivity and attention. But homophobia and transphobia are still deep in the minds of many citizens and are currently being specifically activated by hate campaigns, says Bölle.

Hardly any of the previous CSDs have passed without reports of violence against participants, physical attacks, bullying and hostilities. The federal government’s queer commissioner, Sven Lehmann (Greens), also recently expressed concern. Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) said: “The increase in anti-queer crimes in recent years is frightening.” In addition, a high number of unreported cases must be assumed, since many of those affected still do not report crimes.