Social Security gained an average of 55,689 foreign affiliates in April (2.4%), with which the fourth month of the year closed with 2,354,514 immigrant workers registered in the system, a new record figure, as reported on Wednesday by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration.

This monthly advance of foreign workers registered in April is the third in a row after the system added 18,500 and 40,155 foreign contributors, respectively, in February and March.

Of the total number of affiliated foreigners, 828,034 came from EU countries (35.2%) and 1,526,480 from third countries (64.8%). The largest groups of foreign workers are workers from Romania (340,641), Morocco (300,329), Italy (150,678), China (108,795) and Venezuela (108,765).

In addition, the system has 50,986 members from Ukraine, 2,790 more than in March and 3,408 more than in February, before the start of the war waged by Russia.

In the last year, the affiliation of foreigners has increased by 243,095 people, which is 11.5% more. Of the total number of foreign contributors, 55.9% are men (1,315,988) and 44.1% are women (1,038,526).

In seasonally adjusted terms, the affiliation of foreigners to Social Security increased in April by 1,633 employed compared to March, up to a total of 2,343,637 contributors, 154,216 more than before the arrival of the pandemic, in February 2020. It is the eleventh consecutive monthly rise in the seasonally adjusted series. In the first four months, the system added a total of 36,973 foreign employees.