The FDP is calling on Federal Family Minister Lisa Paus to submit a fundamentally revised draft law on basic child welfare. Otherwise, she intends not to vote in the Bundestag. Secretary General Bijan Djir-Sarai criticized in the “Bild” newspaper that the Green politician is planning 5,000 additional staff positions to handle basic child welfare. He added: “Ms. Paus’ plans for basic child security are a bureaucratic monster, unrealistic and will hardly help any child effectively out of poverty. Without a fundamental revision, the law cannot be approved.”

Djir-Sarai called on Paus to make comprehensive changes to the bill itself. “If the minister wants to save her law, she finally has to put something practical on the table.”

Several FDP politicians, including Finance Minister and party leader Christian Lindner, had already expressed their dissatisfaction with Paus’ bill. Most recently, the focus was on creating 5,000 new jobs. Paus had explained: “The additional staff means a reduction in bureaucracy for the citizens. At the moment they are carrying the burden of bureaucracy and have to run from Pontius to Pilate.”

Prestige socio-political project of the Greens

The draft law on basic child security is currently being discussed in parliament between the parliamentary groups. From 2025 onwards, the social reform is intended to bundle existing benefits such as child benefit, benefits from citizens’ benefit for children or the child allowance.

Basic child welfare is considered the Greens’ prestige social policy project. The cabinet passed a bill in September with the aim of ensuring that basic child welfare comes into force on January 1, 2025.

After concerns from the Federal Employment Agency and the Federal Council, the federal government announced in December that it would review the schedule. In response to a dpa request, Paus’s ministry announced last week that the schedule and timing of the draft’s adoption “depend on the progress of the discussions” in parliament.