Robert Lewandowski (prolific Bayern Munich striker), was a double-best player Fifa 2020, 2021. He said that his “story” with Germany had ended on Monday.

This looks like the beginning of a standoff among the Pole’s leaders and those who plan to end the contract in one year.

The 33-year old international said, “One thing is certain today. My story with Bayern has ended.” He spoke at a press conference alongside the Polish selection and did not give any indication about his future. He scored 344 goals in eight seasons for Bayern.

“After all that has occurred over the last few months, it’s hard to imagine continuing good cooperation. He said that he understood that a transfer would be the best solution for both parties.

Bayern won’t retain me just for the right.

Robert Lewandowski

These were statements that the German champion club didn’t really appreciate. Bayern Munich’s general manager Olivier Kahn spoke up for their player in the end.

“I don’t know why Robert chose this method of communicating his situation. These public statements are not helpful. Bayern should be proud of him. The former German goalkeeper said that appreciation is not a one-way road.

Lewandowski had already stated two weeks ago that he wouldn’t extend his current contract with Bavaria. It expires June 2023. This means that he could leave the club next year without any compensation.

Bavarians could only make a profit by selling him this summer.

Some media reports claim that FC Barcelona offered 32 million euros to hire him.