According to the current status, there will not be a major boycott of the upcoming World Cup in Qatar in Saxony-Anhalt’s pubs. He was not aware and saw no signs that the innkeepers would not broadcast the World Cup because of the critical human rights situation in the country, said the President of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga) in Saxony-Anhalt, Michael Schmidt. There will certainly be isolated pubs in which the transmission will be avoided for ethical reasons, he added.

The association does not want to make any recommendations in this regard, said Schmidt. He pointed out that many restaurateurs would suffer from the worsening economic situation in Germany. In this respect, the prospect of additional income from the transfers is extremely welcome for many companies.

From November 20th, a World Cup finals will be played in Qatar for the first time in winter, which causes displeasure among many fans. Above all, however, the tournament has come under criticism because the emirate has been accused of massive violations of human rights during the construction of the stadiums and the organization. Under the hashtag

Specifically, the desert state of Qatar on the Arabian Peninsula has been criticized for human rights violations and the way it treats workers from other countries. In the past there had also been fatal accidents on the World Cup construction sites. The government of the emirate refers to reforms and rejects some of the criticism.