There are many good reasons to eat seasonally: On the one hand, the food tastes much better in its prime than out of season and at the same time is cheaper because it can be harvested in larger quantities. On the other hand, they provide the body with exactly the nutrients that it can best use in the respective season.

Leek, for example, provides us with plenty of immune-boosting ingredients during the cold season. Vitamin B and C, plenty of calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphate, potassium and silicon make the plant a real nutrient bomb that skilfully declares war on viruses and germs. An absolute game changer in the current cold season.

In addition to being prepared in hearty soups and aromatic pasta dishes, the spicy, hot taste of leeks is particularly good in casseroles. A pleasure, especially in combination with creamy sauces and melting cheese, here in the version with salmon and potatoes. Have fun cooking.

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