Mamadou Kalilou Barry, accused of gang raping two 15-year-old girls last December, has been arrested again for sexual assault, our Bureau of Investigation has learned.

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The 20-year-old had given media interviews to denounce the police brutality suffered by his friend Pacifique Niyokwizera, 18, last November.

According to our information, Barry is one of the seven individuals arrested last Wednesday by the Quebec police. It had already been revealed that Pacifique Niyokwizera was also included.

The group was reportedly targeted by police for sexual assault, sexual interference with a person under the age of 16, possession, production, access and distribution of child pornography, fraud under $5,000, concealment and breach of promise. The alleged crimes were allegedly committed in 2020 and 2021.

gang rape

Last December, Mamadou Kalilou Barry made headlines after he was arrested for sexually assaulting two people under the age of 16. The crimes were allegedly committed last August, with the help of two underage accomplices. The law prohibits us from naming these two alleged accomplices, who have since reached the age of majority.

According to our information, the investigators would have collected at the time a dozen testimonies of young girls with regard to this trio. Some alleged victims allegedly claimed to have been drugged with GHB before being assaulted. The attacks would have occurred in particular during parties, in apartments in Quebec.

The media coverage of this case would have allowed the police to push their investigation further, which would have, among other things, made possible the recent wave of arrests.

third known person

Our Bureau of Investigation has also learned that in addition to Pacifique Niyokwizera and Kalilou Barry, Stéphane-Hugues Séry, 18, is part of the recently arrested septet. He could be charged with sexual assault and fraud.

All those arrested in this case have been released on a promise to appear.

They are expected at court during the summer.