When you think of sex toys, tools like vibrators probably come to mind first. Games, fun and sex can also be combined in a love swing. Sexologist and psychotherapist Dania Schiftan explains to the star why she is suitable.

First of all, however, it should be clarified what a love swing – which is also referred to as a sex swing or sling – actually is and what variants there are. A distinction is usually made between three models:

The seat sling is probably the most common and popular love swing. It usually consists of padded straps and is adjustable. The straps are used to hold on to and offer the opportunity to try out different positions: you can hang your arms and legs in models with loops and face your partner or face them away. It can be a partner in the swing and be stimulated by the other, or you can use them together for different positions. You can not only sit, but also lie in it. This love swing is therefore particularly versatile.

As a rule, the seat sling is attached to the ceiling at an individually adjusted distance – just so that it fits your own height. There are luxurious, very stable models that you can permanently attach if you know that this type of lovemaking is lived out regularly. A love swing offers opportunities for variety and discovery, which can provide new impetus in sex life. But sexologist Dania Schiftan also warns: “Anyone who is not used to exercise either cannot build up their arousal at all or quickly loses it again.” Therefore, it is certainly helpful to get a feel for it first and not to expect too much right away.

For beginners it is worth having a very simple model without too many straps, which you can also attach to the door frame to test whether this type of lovemaking is actually something for your sex life. You can already try out what options you have with it: whether lying down, sitting, facing or away from you, only one hanging in the belts or both – here you have to try what you like. If you like it and feel your way around, you can expand the whole thing and use other tools if necessary.

Tip: Sex toys can also be ordered discreetly from most suppliers, i.e. in such a way that you cannot see what is inside from the packaging. So if you want to test yourself first and don’t necessarily want to deal openly with the topic, this is the best way to handle the order.

Sling mats and sling beds, on the other hand, offer less opportunity for acrobatic experimentation, but more support and comfort. Instead of just belts carrying the body weight, there is a mat or a larger storage area that is carried by belts or metal chains. With the sling mat, lying and sitting positions are very comfortable, with the sling bed more lying down. But these models also provide momentum – in the truest sense of the word.

Why is the love swing generally well suited as a sex toy? Sexologist and psychotherapist Dania Schiftan knows problems in sex life and in her book “Coming Soon” she has tips on how to learn to have an orgasm. She explains the effect of the sex swing as follows: “A swing brings movement to sex. Movement is always good, internal as well as external. It brings a fusion to the arousal, so that the whole thing is not as selective as if you only stimulate the clitoral head, for example .”

A tool like a swing can therefore bring variety and offer completely new possibilities, including positions that you may not have tested yet, but which you both enjoy. In this way you can get to know each other anew in sexual terms. In addition, one connects swings directly with fun. And that is also good for a sluggish love life. The expert goes on to say: “The more I move, the more the experience and feelings are distributed in the body and the more intense the sex becomes.”

A love swing can definitely be a useful addition to your love life and open up completely new, intense moments. In the end, however, Dania Schiftan also gives couples a piece of advice: “But you also have to be able to laugh heartily, because a lot can go wrong with experiments like this.” But even that can help bring fun back into your love life.

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