The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch for parts of the Upper Peninsula, which will be in effect until 5 p.m. A line of showers and thunderstorms is currently moving across the western half of the U.P., with strong winds and damaging hail being the main concerns. There is also a possibility of heavy rainfall leading to localized flooding.

In addition to the ongoing thunderstorms, there is a chance of more storm development later in the evening and overnight hours. The area remains under a slight risk for severe weather through the night.

It is important for residents in the affected areas to stay alert and be prepared for severe weather conditions. It is recommended to stay indoors and away from windows during thunderstorms, and to have a plan in place in case of power outages or other emergencies.

As the heat wave comes to an end, it is crucial to remain vigilant and keep an eye out for any changes in weather patterns. It is also important to stay informed about cooling centers in the area, especially during hot summer days.

As the summer peak electric rates impact many people across Michigan, it is essential to conserve energy and use electricity wisely. To stay updated on the latest weather alerts and information, it is advisable to follow official sources such as the National Weather Service and local news outlets.

Remember to stay safe and take necessary precautions during severe weather conditions. Stay tuned for further updates and advisories from the authorities.