Seseña has celebrated this Saturday the second edition of the Local Police Day, organized by the Seseña City Council, in which they have participated together with the mayor, Silvia Fernández, and the Deputy Chief Inspector of Local Police, Francisco Javier Rodríguez-Madridejos; the delegate of the Board in Toledo, Javier Úbeda; the general secretary of the Federation of Municipalities and Provinces of Castilla-La Mancha, Tomás Mañas and the head of the Civil Protection and Emergencies Unit in the Government Delegation in Castilla-La Mancha, Valentín del Hierro.

An act in which seven agents with more than 15 years of service were recognized, and the work of another 26 people, including local police officers from Seseña and professionals from other fields, was distinguished for their work and their collaboration in ensuring the security of the residents of Seseña.

Javier Úbeda has shown his appreciation for the “close, close, effective and very professional” work of the Local Police, and underlined “the importance of collaboration between administrations and between all security forces and bodies, in order to give citizens a quick, efficient and effective response.

In this act, Francisco Javier Rodríguez-Madridejos Jiménez was recognized with the distinction of bronze medal for the continuity in the professional service provided for more than 15 years in Seseña; Antonio Morcillo Varela; Francisco David Gonzalez Cruz; Juan Garcia Miralles; Ana Belen Salamanca Hernandez; María Gema Izquierdo Ruescas and Samuel Martínez Martínez.

Likewise, it has been recognized with public congratulations and a representative pennant for the professional interventions to help citizens in a situation of risk to integrity, with a situation of vulnerability for those rescued in the face of circumstances of fires in properties or own risks due to the attempted suicide of Raúl Mesa. Highlander; Miguel Roldan Garcia; Angel Fernandez Punch; Alberto Gomez Fernandez; Francisco David Gonzalez Cruz; Luis Miguel Mateu Bonales; Jesus Izquierdo Gallego; Javier Carrasco Duenas; Miguel Angel Moreno Castro; Luis Jorge Morales; Ivan Medrano Cano.

On the other hand, with public congratulations and a representative pennant for collaboration and professional relationships in interventions framed in Public Health, resulting in the dismantling of plantation-distribution, Juan Miguel Hernández Hernández was distinguished; Ricardo Fernandez Baths; Israel Jorge Lopez; Gaspar Gabriel Nieto Alvarez; and Yeray Manuel Pulido Armas.

The mayor of Seseña and Councilor for Security, Silvia Fernández, has been proud to celebrate a day of “recognitions that I do daily, but today they are special recognitions that take physical form” and has expressed her gratitude to the Local Police “for their career, commitment and work they have done, are doing and will do”.