The advantages of a seasonal diet are obvious: it tastes better, brings health benefits tailored to the season and, last but not least, is usually inexpensive. In autumn this means: Enjoy the pumpkin season down to the last bit – in the truest sense of the word.

The orange plant is not only suitable for creamy soups, stews or a sweet cake, but also as an enriching ingredient in the simplest recipes. Its mild, nutty note makes it a true all-rounder, which also makes dishes particularly creamy and full-bodied thanks to its buttery consistency.

Do you need inspiration? In addition to pasta and risotto, pumpkin can be ideally used in a vegetarian lasagne. Particularly nutty varieties such as Hokkaido give the Italian dish an intense aroma, which, combined with a fine tomato sauce, becomes a hit of taste. One thing is certain: with this lasagna you will not only impress your own taste buds, but also those of your guests.

For the b├ęchamel sauce

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