It is difficult in this digitized society to ask for restraint in the use of screens, but it is necessary. More than 60 entities related to childhood advocate for a proportionate use of technology, especially among children under three years of age. They warn that we overexpose them to screens, that it has become normal for them to spend hours with them. Sometimes, with the mistaken belief that it is normal because they are digital natives; or that they will awaken their intelligence more; That’s how they learn English without realizing it. Or we give them as a substitute for our attention. Experts warn of the risk of addiction and overstimulation; they see very young children with relationship problems, attention problems, language delays, irritability. The little ones should grow up in a healthier way. Surely, fathers and mothers should apply more to this question than we do in other cases: count to 3 before giving them the screen; Think of an entertainment alternative. And then in another. And give them an example.