Scottish FA president Mike Mulraney is showing his support for head coach Steve Clarke to continue leading Scotland beyond the Euros and into the World Cup campaign. Clarke, who recently secured Scotland’s spot in the European Championships, is being seen as the right man to guide the team back to the World Cup stage, a feat they haven’t achieved since 1998. Mulraney believes that Clarke’s success has made a significant impact not only on the field but also economically for Scotland.

Looking ahead, the SFA is already planning for the future by pledging £50m to a Scottish football facilities fund over the next five years. This investment aims to improve football facilities across the country and ensure that clubs of all sizes have access to better resources. Mulraney emphasized the importance of community use, increased access, fair pricing, and overall responsibility to the nation in utilizing these funds.

Despite a recommendation to increase financial packages for key board members, Mulraney and vice-president Les Gray have declined the opportunity to boost their salaries in line with “industry norms.” This decision reflects their commitment to the organization and prioritizing the greater good over personal gain.

As Scotland prepares for the upcoming Euros and sets its sights on the World Cup qualification, the support from the Scottish FA president and the dedication of key figures within the organization will play a crucial role in shaping the future of Scottish football. With Clarke at the helm and strategic investments in place, the nation is hopeful for a successful footballing journey ahead.