Judith Ralston provides the most recent weather update for Munich as Scotland gears up to face off against Germany in the Euro 2024 tournament. The Tartan Army is anticipated to show up in large numbers in the city as they support their team in this critical opening match. As the team continues their training at the Euros camp in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, they were met with heavy rain upon their arrival in the Bavarian Alps. With the game scheduled for Friday, it is essential for both fans and the team to be prepared for the weather conditions.

According to the latest forecast, Munich is expected to experience cloudy skies with a chance of scattered showers on the day of the match. The temperature is likely to be around 15-20 degrees Celsius, so fans and players should dress accordingly to stay warm and dry. It is advisable to bring along waterproof jackets and umbrellas to shield against any unexpected rain showers during the game.

In addition to the weather conditions, it is crucial for the team to adapt their playing style to suit the potentially wet and slippery pitch. The players should be prepared to adjust their tactics and strategies to account for the impact of the weather on the game. Maintaining good grip on the ball and ensuring solid footing will be key to success in such conditions.

For fans traveling to Munich for the match, it is recommended to check for any travel advisories or updates regarding the weather. It is advisable to plan ahead and allow for extra time for travel in case of any disruptions due to the weather. Additionally, fans should stay updated on any changes to the match schedule or venue that may occur as a result of the weather conditions.

Overall, being well-prepared for the weather is essential for both the fans and the team to enjoy and perform at their best during the Scotland vs Germany match in Munich. By staying informed and taking necessary precautions, everyone can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience while cheering on their team in this highly anticipated Euro 2024 showdown.