In order to better understand “unidentified unusual phenomena” in the future, the US space agency NASA has appointed a new head for research into so-called UAP (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena). This was done on the recommendation of a special NASA expert group, said NASA boss Bill Nelson at a press conference in Washington, at which a report from this group was also presented.

NASA initially did not want to say who took over the position due to security concerns – but a few hours after the press conference, the name of long-time NASA manager Mark McInerney was officially announced in a press release.

The main finding of the report is that there is much more to learn, Nelson said. The expert group found no evidence that the UAP examined had “extraterrestrial origins”. “But we don’t know what these UAP are,” Nelson continued. “There is a global fascination with UAPs, and this fascination is largely due to their unknown nature. We want to shift the conversation around UAPs from sensationalism to science.”

According to Nasa, the report has been agreed with the US government, but is independent of the related work of the US Department of Defense together with secret services. At a first public meeting at the end of May, the NASA expert group had already spoken out in favor of more and better data on observations of unidentified objects.

In recent years, the Pentagon has presented reports that there is no explanation for dozens of celestial phenomena from the past two decades – but also no evidence of secret technology from other countries or extraterrestrial life. The Pentagon also criticized insufficient data. For the first time in decades there were hearings in Congress.