After the first defeat this season, SSC Palmberg Schwerin mourns the missed opportunities. “The game was closer than the result suggests and it’s very annoying that we didn’t take anything from this game,” said coach Koslowski after the 0:3 (24:26, 24:26, 19:25) on Saturday Saturday evening at volleyball champion Allianz MTV Stuttgart. It was the first lost Bundesliga game for the women from Schwerin after three clear victories.

The weakened Schwerin team, which had to do without Jazmine White and captain Anna Pogany, led 24:23 in the first round, but was unable to use the set point. It was similarly dramatic in the second round. Here the SSC was 23:24 behind, but forced the extension. However, Stuttgart again booked the better end for itself. “The loss of personnel is no excuse. We have to close the first set, but we lacked consistency in service and attack,” said setter Pia K√§stner and advised: “We shouldn’t overestimate today’s game.”

Koslowski commented: “One of the first two sets has to go to us, then the game is open.” He was not satisfied with the result, “but the team played well and fought well and gave their best under the personal challenges”.

SSC Palmberg Schwerin