Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt: Saxony-Anhalt’s Ministry of Education prohibits the use of gender asterisks and similar spellings in schools. Education Minister Eva Feußner (CDU) told the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung that this type of grammar is prohibited in the entire school cosmos. It applies to both teaching and official correspondence. The ban refers to grammatical special characters in the middle of the word, which aim to consciously address all genders. In addition to the gender asterisk, this also includes constructions such as “teachers” and “students”.

The Ministry justifies the decision with the most recent decision of the German Spelling Council. He had stated that the special grammatical forms did not correspond to the current official set of rules.

Bosau, Schleswig-Holstein: Several spiders triggered a night-time police operation in an apartment building on the Great Plöner See. After vigilant walkers had heard panicked women screaming on Tuesday evening, they informed the police in the municipality of Bosau (Ostholstein district), as the officials announced on Wednesday. With a neighbor’s key, the police got into the house as quickly as possible. When they arrived at the apartment in question, however, it turned out that the trigger for the 20-year-old woman’s great panic was only several spiders in the building.

Source: DPA

Fensterbach, Bavaria: A man drove his car over several beehives in the Upper Palatinate – and thus destroyed the home of 22 bee colonies. The surviving, “now wild” animals stayed behind at the scene of the accident in Fensterbach (Schwandorf district), the police said. Three hours after the incident on Wednesday night, a 24-year-old reported to the investigators as the culprit – according to him, under pressure from his parents. According to the report, a breath alcohol test on the man showed a value of more than one per thousand. He was being investigated for, among other things, hit-and-run accidents and endangering road traffic.

Source: DPA

In just one week, more than 43,000 people have already signed an appeal against the release of strictly protected otters in Bavaria. In it, the WWF and the signatories call on Prime Minister Markus Söder and Minister of Agriculture Michaela Kaniber (both CSU) to fully implement species protection again.

In all districts of Lower Bavaria and the Upper Palatinate, with the exception of Neumarkt, otters have been able to be removed, i.e. shot, without individual special permits since August 1st. Kaniber justified the step by saying that the “regions that have been particularly shaped by fish farming for centuries” are threatened by the otter.

Berlin: A Berlin police officer is said to have stopped a driver during a fake identity check and robbed him of tens of thousands of euros. The 48-year-old was arrested for robbery and suspended with immediate effect, the prosecutor and the police announced on Tuesday. In his apartment and in the offices he uses, evidence was found during searches on Monday. However, the commissioner is at large. According to the authorities, an arrest warrant against him was suspended. According to the investigation, the police officer is said to have had an accomplice in the crime. So far, however, this has remained unknown.

The duo is said to have waved out and stopped a car driver on July 19 at around 11:15 p.m. on the Berlin city highway near Messedamm with special signals and a police signal. The police officer, who was already at the end of the day at the time, is said to have been traveling in his department’s civilian company car. According to the investigation, he was wearing his uniform and had his service weapon in his holster. The impression was given to the 62-year-old that it was a proper police measure.

During the check, the officer and his accomplice are said to have handcuffed the driver and put him in the police car. Then they are said to have taken more than 57,000 euros in cash and two cell phones from his car. The 62-year-old is said to have received a seizure report – but the confiscated money was not listed.

Source: dpa

Rostock, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: A courageous train driver saved a woman from a suspected sex offender on a train near Rostock. As a spokesman for the federal police said on Wednesday, the 41-year-old railway employee intervened on Tuesday when a man approached the 21-year-old passenger on the journey and allegedly touched her intimate parts of the body against her will. The incident happened on the train between Ticino and Rostock.

Brandenburg: Brandenburg: In Brandenburg an der Havel, strong thunderstorms knocked down numerous trees and caused damage. The entire city was affected by the storm damage, said a spokesman for the local regional control center early in the morning.

The storm had already started on Tuesday evening, trees of all sizes were knocked down, the spokesman said. “I’ve never experienced such a storm.” Roofs were also covered accordingly. The thunderstorm once swept across the city. According to the current status, there were no injuries.

Source: DPA

Pößneck, Thuringia: After three failed rounds of negotiations, the Verdi union has announced that the warning strikes in Thuringia’s retail trade will be continued. Verdi announced on Wednesday that various Kaufland branches were called, especially from the East Thuringia region. Employees want to meet for a strike rally on Wednesday morning in front of Kaufland in Pößneck in the Saale-Orla district.

“The employees need wage increases well above the inflation rate,” said the trade union secretary of the Verdi union, Matthias Adorf.

Source: DPA

A driver and his passenger were seriously injured in an accident due to aquaplaning on Autobahn 96 near Memmingen. The 23-year-old driver lost control of his car late Tuesday evening in heavy rain, police said. The car threw itself off the road, rolled over several times and came to rest on the left side. The young man and his 19-year-old passenger were trapped in the vehicle and freed by firefighters. The two were taken to the hospital by rescue helicopter and ambulance with serious injuries.

SalzInhibitororf, Lower Saxony: Researchers from Germany, the USA and Peru have named a newly discovered species of snake from the Peruvian Andes after the Hollywood actor and Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford. Harrison Ford’s slender snake, also called Tachymenoides harrisonford, is about 40 centimeters long, according to the German Society for Herpetology and Terrarium Science (DGHT).

The naming is intended to honor Ford’s conservation work. The animal is light yellow-brown with isolated black spots, the belly is black. It probably feeds on lizards and frogs. The snake is harmless to humans.

What: AFP

Heidenheim/Ulm, Baden-Württemberg: The police expect that investigations into the case of the kidnapped and murdered banker’s wife Maria Bögerl from Heidenheim will be resumed at some point. He thinks this is “probable,” said a spokesman for the police headquarters in Ulm. In the Bögerl case, the investigators have a DNA trace that “can be clearly assigned to a male perpetrator”.

On Monday, the public prosecutor’s office and the police announced that the investigation into the murder case would be stopped for the time being because no perpetrator could be found. Maria Bögerl, the wife of the then head of the savings bank in Heidenheim, was kidnapped on May 12, 2010 from her home in Heidenheim. In early June 2010, a pedestrian discovered her body.

Chemnitz, Saxony: Three people were injured in an accident with a carriage in Frauenstein, Saxony. The horse shied on Monday while driving on a slight incline, whereupon the team left the road and overturned because of a tree root, as the police in Chemnitz announced on Tuesday. The seriously injured horse had to be euthanized on site by a veterinarian.

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Berlin: Police officers were aggressively harassed by around 100 people during an operation in Berlin. The trigger was the arrest of a young man in the Neukölln district, who is said to have sexually insulted a woman, the police said on Tuesday. Dozens of supporters then flocked to force the man’s release. Glass bottles were thrown out of the crowd.

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Berlin: Despite increased security measures, there was another violent incident with police action in the Columbiabad in Berlin-Neukölln. A security guard was attacked and beaten by two men on Monday night, police said. The men had apparently been summoned by two women who had been arguing with the security guards.

Source: dpa

Goslar, Lower Saxony: More than four years after a bronze rooster was stolen, the landmark of Goslar-Hahnenklee has unexpectedly returned. The rooster arrived in a nine-kilo package from the Uckermark, said the district town in the Harz Mountains. There, a forester found the rooster on a mountain of rubbish, initially forgot about it, but then started researching it.

Brandenburg: The police have secured several thousand cannabis plants in a warehouse in the city of Brandenburg an der Havel. The officials became aware of the abandoned warehouse on Monday through a tip from the population, as a police spokesman said. Accordingly, it was determined in the course of the investigation that the power consumption in the non-commercial hall had recently increased significantly. There is no information about the perpetrators yet.

Nuremberg, Bavaria: Because he sexually abused a boy several times and, among other things, threatened other children with similar acts, a 43-year-old has to serve a six-year prison sentence. The Nuremberg district court found the accused guilty on Tuesday, among other things, of the serious sexual abuse of the child and the production of pornographic content. The man had previously confessed to the crimes in court.

The man had regularly taken care of his victim in Swabia and severely abused him six times. He filmed and photographed two of the crimes. The police only became aware of him in Nuremberg, where he had been regularly for retraining since 2021.

Source: dpa

Hamburg: Around 200 passengers stayed for several hours on the free route near Hamburg in a broken down ICE, including the head of the Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller. A technical defect meant that the ICE 1675 towards Frankfurt could not continue, said a spokesman for Deutsche Bahn early Tuesday morning. First, the vehicle should be pulled away with the help of an auxiliary locomotive, but this did not work. The approximately 200 passengers had to wait around four hours before they could change to a replacement train with the help of the fire department. Many reacted annoyed, as a dpa reporter reported.

After four hours he feels a bit tired and annoyed, like everyone else, Müller told the dpa. The passengers were not informed about the reason for the stop during the long waiting time on the train, he complained and added: “I wish the railways every success in their investment planning.” The disruption had no effect on further operations, other trains were not affected, it was said.

Source: DPA

Wiesbaden, Hesse: 13 firefighters were injured when a hazardous substance escaped on the premises of a paper manufacturer in Wiesbaden. According to a fire department spokesman on Tuesday, they suffered irritation of the respiratory tract. Twelve of them were temporarily taken to clinics, but have since been released. After the exit on Monday evening, the fire brigade operation lasted until Tuesday morning.

The substance stored in containers, which is used for paper production, decomposed as a result of a chemical reaction, according to the fire brigade. This resulted in heavy smoke and high temperatures. The resulting sulfur dioxide also led to an enormous odor in the neighborhood. The fire brigade was in action with a large contingent. The cause of the incident was initially unclear.

Source: DPA

Lake Constance district: A Swiss woman fell on a rubber dinghy on Lake Constance and was seriously injured on a metal flagpole that pierced her chest. The 62-year-old wanted to go from one inflatable boat to the next on Lake Constance in front of Immenstaad on Sunday evening and fell, as the police announced on Monday night. The woman fell on a metal flagstick, which drilled into her chest under her armpit. The fire brigade severed the stick. The woman was taken to a hospital with the item.

Source: DPA

Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg: After the fatal lightning strike near Stuttgart, doctors continue to fight for the life of a 43-year-old. A 35-year-old man died Sunday as a result of Saturday’s incident. The woman, an eleven-year-old boy and a mother with two children were also under the tree in the municipality of Unterensingen in the Esslingen district when the lightning struck.

Like the 35-year-old, the 43-year-old and the boy suffered life-threatening injuries and were taken to hospitals in the region. According to a police spokesman, while the child was doing a little better on Sunday, the woman was still in intensive care. The other woman, a 40-year-old, was less seriously injured. Her children, a 4-year-old boy and a girl, almost 11 months old, were shocked. According to the police, they were in a bicycle trailer at the time of the storm.

First responders took care of the injured until they were taken to hospitals. The rescue service was on site with a large contingent. About 15 other people had taken shelter in a barn. Experts advise people to seek shelter in a building or a closed car during thunderstorms. Outside you should find a flat spot or, better still, a deep spot, squat down, put your feet close together and close your arms around your knees.

Eilerde: A 28-year-old died on his motorcycle near Eilerde near Hagen on Sunday morning. As the police announced on Monday, the man from Dortmund was injured so badly in a fall that rescue workers could no longer help him. Even the help of a rescue helicopter came too late. His passenger was in shock. The cause of the accident is so far unclear. The motorcycle was secured, the police are accepting witnesses on telephone number 02352/9199-0.

Source: Press release police Märkischer Kreis

Klingenberg: Ten people were injured in an accident involving a horse-drawn carriage in Klingenberg near Dresden. At the time of the accident, an eight-year-old was driving the car under the supervision of an inebriated coachman, the police said on Monday. An alcohol test on the 34-year-old showed a value of more than 1.3 per mille. Both the boy and the driver were injured in the accident. Previously reported the “image”.

Accordingly, the carriage came off the path on Sunday evening on a dirt road to the left and overturned. According to the police, it was still unclear how many people were in the carriage. Due to the large number of injuries, including a 97-year-old, several ambulances and a rescue helicopter were used. There was initially no information about the severity of the injuries. The police estimate the property damage to the carriage at around 50 euros. The two carriage horses were unharmed.

Source: DPA

Rostock: After an accident, around 500 packages were distributed on Autobahn 20 in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. According to the police headquarters in Rostock, a transporter collided with the outer crash barrier and then with another vehicle on Monday night for reasons unknown. The body of the transporter tore open, whereupon the freight was distributed on the road.

The autobahn was closed for hours between the Kröpelin and Neukloster junctions in the direction of Lübeck. Nobody was harmed during the accident.

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