Thursday, May 19, saw many people visiting the SNSM museum space at Saint-Pierre. Jean-Francois Vitet was presented a check of 1,000 euros by a delegation from Rotary Club Marennes-Oleron led by Jean-Paul Tetard, its president. Local residents are well aware of the importance of missions undertaken by the National Society for Rescue at Sea. The station uses the funds from donations to improve its equipment and to train its members.

For many decades, the Rotary Club has worked in charitable work. It helps structures and associations like the SNSM continue their life-saving actions, but it also helps individuals who are completing original projects such as Maiwenn’s. A young cellist musician who wants to do an internship in the USA. The Club organizes many events to support these goals, including the great jazz concert at the Citadel on 7 July. All proceeds will go towards various causes.