Maritime spectacle in the best summer weather: On Saturday, the traditional windjammer parade on the Kiel Fjord attracted thousands of visitors. “We had a total of around 140,000 visitors,” said city spokeswoman Kerstin Graupner of the German Press Agency.

According to the city, around 60 traditional sailors took part in the windjammer parade on the inner fjord this year. In addition, there were about as many motor and steam ships. The parade was led by the German barque “Alexander von Humboldt II”. The Uruguayan three-masted schooner “Capit├ín Miranda”, the “Roald Amundsen”, the “Thor Heyerdahl”, the “Gulden Leeuw” and the “Santa Barbara Anna” also took part.

City spokeswoman Graupner reported that the beaches on the fjord were relatively full. Many people also followed what was happening on the water at the Kiel lighthouse. Until Sunday, Kiel expected several million guests from all over the world to the summer festival, which is also a major sailing event.