MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi made his debut at Le Mans in the LMGT3 class, driving a BMW M4 GT3 after his victory at last year’s Road To Le Mans support race. The autograph session drew large crowds of fans, causing some concern among the team members, including his teammate Ahmad Al Harthy. Al Harthy described the situation as uncomfortable and likened it to the chaos at performances by famous artists.

Vincent Vosse, the team principal of WRT, called on the Le Mans organizer to ensure the safety of fans and participants during the popular driver parade. Vosse acknowledged the immense attention that Rossi attracts and emphasized the team’s focus on maintaining safety while accommodating the fans. The team puts a lot of effort into planning and organization to ensure that Rossi’s interactions with fans are smooth and secure.

The ACO released a statement emphasizing its commitment to driver safety both on and off the track. While no significant risks were reported during the autograph session, the organizers acknowledged the importance of addressing any discomfort felt by drivers in such situations.

Rossi’s transition to car racing has garnered significant interest, especially since joining BMW’s factory driver roster. He has been competing in the WEC alongside other racing series, achieving success with his recent victory in the GT World Challenge Europe. Rossi expressed his comfort on the track at Le Mans and particularly enjoyed navigating the Porsche Curves.

Looking ahead, Rossi plans to continue his dual programme of WEC and GTWCE in 2025. His teammate Maxime Martin praised Rossi’s improvement in understanding procedures and gaining confidence in the car. The duo, along with Al Harthy, has shown promising results in the WEC, including a second-place finish at Imola.

As Rossi continues to make his mark in the world of car racing, fans can expect to see more exciting performances and achievements from the MotoGP legend on the track.