Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Sunday that Russia will attack new targets if Western countries deliver long-range missiles to Ukraine, and judged that the current arms shipments seek to “prolong the conflict.”

If Ukraine receives long-range missiles, “then we will draw the appropriate conclusions and use our weapons … to attack targets that we have not hit so far,” Putin said, according to excerpts from an interview to be broadcast on Sunday by the night by the channel Rossiya-1.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the West of prolonging the war in Ukraine with its constant arms shipments to Ukrainian forces fighting the Russian invasion before warning that his country could start attacking new targets if it discovers that long-range missiles are coming into the hands of the Ukrainian defenders.

“All this fuss about additional arms deliveries has, in my opinion, a single objective, to prolong the armed conflict as long as possible,” he made it known during an interview with the public channel Rossiya-1 from which excerpts are being broadcast. throughout the weekend.

Putin has focused especially on sending MLRS multiple rocket launcher systems prepared by the United States, capable of reaching Russian territory.