Russia has imposed sanctions on more than 30 companies from the European Union, the United States and Singapore, in retaliation for sanctions imposed on it for its military offensive against Ukraine, according to an executive order issued on Wednesday by the government.

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The list of sanctioned companies includes 31 companies, most of which belong to Gazprom Germania, the German subsidiary of the Russian gas giant, which the German state has placed under its control because of its strategic importance. Gazprom for its part announced in early April its “withdrawal” from this subsidiary, without saying more.

The German Ministry of the Economy assured Wednesday “to organize and prepare for different scenarios”. “The team in charge of managing the gas crisis is examining the situation”, it was specified, adding that “at present, the supply is guaranteed and constantly monitored”.

The sanctions also concern EuRoPol GAZ S.A., the owner of the Polish part of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline.

Sanctions include a ban on transactions and the entry into Russian ports of vessels linked to the companies concerned.

Western sanctions against Russia, unprecedented, range from the freezing of Russian reserves to an embargo on strategic products, and financial sanctions.