The spokesman for the Esquerra Republicana (ERC) in Congress, Gabriel Rufián, has been in favor of supporting “any initiative or left-wing front” that seeks to “change things and make just causes and initiatives their own” and has claimed the need to that it be “beyond the flags of each one”.

Speaking to the media this Sunday before participating in Xàtiva (Valencia) in the “Xàtiva Republicana” event, organized by Esquerra Republicana del País Valencià (ERPV), Rufián advocated trying to “integrate all the progressive projects that want to change things and threaten the ‘status quo’.

The ERC leader stressed that this task must be carried out above all in those municipalities where “the same people have governed for a long time, regardless of the party.”

“It doesn’t matter what language you speak and the flag you have on the balcony, if you have one. We have to try to carry out projects to dignify people’s lives,” he claimed.

In this regard, Esquerra Republicana del País Valencià has presented this weekend the candidates for the 2023 municipal elections of the Valencian municipalities of Xixona and Benifairó. During these acts, Rufián emphasized that “being independent and leftist in the Valencian Community” means being very brave.

Likewise, he has pointed out that “all support is little” for these left-wing candidates, since, “if it is already difficult to defend anti-fascist republican ideas depending on where”, in the Valencian Community “it is even heroic”.

For this reason, he has stated that “you have to come a lot” to the Valencian territory and “do a lot of pedagogy”, which implies “an added responsibility”, given that his party “competes with political and media machinery that is difficult to counteract”. “We have to address the working class, those who are not outraged by the continuous thefts of the monarch but are outraged by what a deputy earns, to explain to them that when they give confidence to the right, they are mice voting for cats,” he added.