Roxane Bruneau unveiled a brand new song on Friday that she co-wrote with her admirers.

Last January, the artist asked her Facebook subscribers to send her words, phrases and expressions in French and English, from which she would make the text of a song.

A playful concept already well known to her admirers since the singer-songwriter had in the past given birth to “Hakuna Ma Fu***** Tata”, “Sans toi c’est plus parail” and “C’est anything (Oulalala)” following the same bases.

For her new title “I Don’t Know Pas Savoir”, Roxane Bruneau and her producer, also a musician, Mathieu Brisset, created the song from more than 13,000 comments received from Internet users.

The song is accompanied by a completely crazy clip where the singer, who co-directs with Isabelle Hamon, portrays different characters in the company of Chloée Deblois and Walter J. Lyng.