After a showdown in five rounds against Rodriguez Taverna, Taylor Fritz validated his ticket for the second round. The opportunity for the American to respond to the media coverage of his sport and mention in particular the Netflix documentary, a way to seduce the younger generations for the little yellow ball. Fritz said the little yellow ball world would do well to evolve by being more open to outgoing personalities on the courts. “It’s good to make tennis more fun for the younger generations, it’s surely the best we can do for this sport. It’s a personal dream of mine to see tennis become more popular for young people. I am one of the few who went to a normal high school, everyone goes to sports studies with football or basketball but no one with tennis. One thing we could do on the circuit is to accept a little more people who have crazy attitudes, things that make things more fun, without having penalties or fines. Things would have to be more open for players to be a little crazier, let’s say. I think that’s what the new generation likes, everything theatrical, a little crazy. I think if we gave the players a little more control, it would be more exciting.