Alize Cornet (40th player in the world) was forced to withdraw during the third round of Roland Garros against Qinwen Zhen (6-0, 3 – 0). It was announced by the Philippe Chatrier court, and a large portion of the crowd cheered. This was a behavior the French didn’t understand. She cried at a press conference, “I know it’s just a handful of idiots but it hurts me,” she said.

Alize Cornet – “It hurt almost as much as the injury itself.” “The whistles from the Philippe Chatrier court caused the Frenchwoman to leave the match.

The player said, “It hurt me almost as much as the injury itself.” Alize Cornet was diagnosed with a torn adductor after post-match examinations. He could be out of action for 2 to 3 weeks due to injury. She says, “It’s sad that it has to come to an end like this.” I find it hard to believe that anyone would boo me. French audiences are sometimes surprising to me, but not always in good ways.”

After Friday’s elimination of Diane Parry and Leolia Jeanjean, there is no Frenchwoman left in contention for the Parisian Grand Slam. The latter lost 6-1 to Irina Camelia Begu, and 6-4 against her Romanian opponent.