On Sunday, the return from the Pont de l’Ascension was celebrated with heavy traffic on main roads. This day is classified as “black” at the national level. Traffic jams reached a peak of 934km. We are now seeing a completely different situation than the returns from ascent in previous years. There were two traffic jam peaks at roughly the same time: one at 12.35 pm with 877km of traffic jams and the other at 5.50 pm with 934km of traffic jams. Clever Bison’s latest statement stated that caps.

He explained that this could be a sign that users anticipate their returns and have triggered a higher traffic peak than was expected at midday. The South was the most affected, especially on the A7, where there was still over 90 km of accordion traffic.

According to Vinci Autoroutes, it took 4 hours to travel between Orange and South Lyon during the worst of the disturbances. This was compared with 1:40 on Autoroute du Soleil. It took 3h10 to get from Orange from Nice on the A8 and 2h20 to get there from Narbonne on the A9. The A9 was also faster than the A9, taking 1h40 from Narbonne to Orange. To reach Aude sub-prefecture, holidaymakers from Spain had to travel almost 1h30 longer than those who traveled by A61 to reach Toulouse.

Vinci also recorded other slowdowns in the west, as he climbed up to the capital. Thus on the A63, the journey time was at midday 2:50 instead of 2 hours from the Spanish border to Bordeaux, while motorists had to be more patient going up the A10 with 3:30 instead of 2:10 between the Gironde capital and Poitiers and 3:50 instead of 230 between Poitiers and Saint-Arnoult-en-Yvelines, just before Paris. Sunday was designated green for departures.