Those affected often only become aware of their nightly snoring when relatives talk to them about it. A feeling of exhaustion in the morning and a dry throat are also part of it. Although snoring is not considered a disease, it can become a stress test for those affected and their partners. But what helps against the annoying snoring? Gadgets such as an anti-snoring pillow, an anti-snoring vest or a simple nasal spreader promise a remedy. Below you can find out what other tools are available and what you need to know about using them.

At night, when you sleep, all of your body muscles relax. However, in order to be able to breathe unhindered, the tongue and uvula remain slightly tense. People who snore suffer from slackened throat muscles, which can narrow the upper airways. Affected people have to breathe in and out more forcefully, which causes the air to flow through the airways with more pressure. The uvula and soft palate vibrate and the typical snoring noise occurs.

Possible causes of snoring can also be an elongated uvula, enlarged tonsils or polyps in the nose. There are also temporary causes such as cold and hay fever symptoms. Factors such as smoking and alcohol consumption also affect sleep. In addition, back sleepers tend to snore loudly, because in this position the tongue falls back a little due to gravity and narrows the throat. Many aids are therefore aimed at avoiding the supine position during sleep.

Some of the following anti-snoring gadgets sound exotic, such as the anti-snoring ring, which is based on Chinese acupressure, while others are more classic, such as the nasal spreader. The purchase decision remains an individual matter of opinion and so everyone affected must find the right aid for themselves personally.

nasal dilator

Nose dilators are small silicone clips with magnetic balls on either side that slide into the nostrils. This is intended to widen the nasal passages and make it easier for those affected to breathe in and out.

Anti snoring pillow

Height-adjustable anti-snoring pillows are intended to help those affected to sleep on their side, because the uvula and soft palate vibrate particularly strongly when lying on their back. The special shape of the pillow can put the head in a more favorable position, making it easier to breathe at night and counteracting snoring.

Anti snoring vest

The anti-snoring vest gained greater notoriety in 2016 during the start-up show “The Lion’s Den”. According to founder Marcus Ruoff, the vest is designed to prevent you from rolling onto your back while you sleep. In this position, the noise level during snoring increases considerably. The vest helps you sleep in a side position.

anti snoring ring

If you are interested in Chinese acupressure, this particular anti snoring ring might be something for you. The shape should give the little gadget its effect. The ring is adjustable in size, so it is suitable for different people and is made of stainless steel. According to the manufacturer, you need to put the ring on one of your little fingers half an hour before bedtime.

ear protection

Silicone earplugs are simple but effective. Because if your partner snores and there is no improvement, it only helps to hide the nocturnal disturbance and this is best achieved with comfortable, reusable earplugs.

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