However, the raid showed two things, Sensburg said: First, a “much more consistent crackdown” was needed against people like a retired Bundeswehr colonel, who was among those arrested. He was known for his attitudes, and criminal proceedings were underway against him – “and yet he continues to walk around the country in uniform and spread his crude theories and this with full pension payments,” criticized the president of the Association of Reservists in the German Armed Forces. This cannot be.

“Secondly, we need more awareness-raising measures in the robust units of the Bundeswehr, police and other security agencies,” Sensburg demanded. “The members of the Bundeswehr’s special forces command and of the police’s special task force have a tough job, are heavily armed and rightly see themselves as the elite. But that can lead to them taking off and believing they are something better than the usual rules.” This must not happen. “We need better structures within the security authorities to prevent such forces from becoming radicalized,” said Sensburg.