Police rescued a baby just a few months old from suffocation during an emergency roadside operation. Three officers from the highway and traffic police were on Friday afternoon in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania on the B96 towards Stralsund when they noticed a car parked next to the lane. Because the baby of a 29-year-old mother probably choked on a piece of paprika while driving, she waited there with her vehicle for the rescue workers who had already been alerted and the emergency doctor. “Since it was obviously a matter of seconds, the officials immediately intervened to save the child’s life,” said the police.

The officials could no longer determine that the little boy was breathing and therefore used the so-called Heimlich grip: A person who is bent over and in shortness of breath is suddenly pressed from behind with their clenched fist into the pit of their stomach to get foreign bodies out of their airways. The “careful application” of the maneuver was reported to be successful, so that the baby was able to breathe again. After that, the child slowly recovered and was taken care of by the emergency doctor, who arrived a little later. Together with its mother, it was then taken to a hospital, which both were able to leave a few hours later – the baby was fine.

“This operation is also a special feature for experienced police officers and will probably be remembered for a long time,” the police statement said. First, the “North Kurier” reported on the incident.