Sour, slightly bitter, juicy – ​​yuzu. It looks like a lemon, tastes like a hybrid of lime and tangerine and is probably the fruit of the moment. Whether in lemonade or marinade, meat or pastries, the Asian all-rounder has found its way into German kitchens. This is despite the fact that the fruit itself is still difficult to obtain. Yuzu juice, on the other hand, is now increasingly available in selected supermarkets. That’s a good thing, because the juice of the yuzu fruit is wonderful for creating highballs. One of them is the Hunter Yuzu Highball – and with its slightly bitter note it could even be compared to gin

Anyone who likes highballs is in good hands in Japan. The days when the highball was reserved for the working class are long gone. In Japan, the classic now stands for the art of enjoyment and explicitly for “the harmonious combination of smooth, rich whiskey and cool sparkling water,” they write. Actually a simple thing, but not in Japan. The preparation of the highball is celebrated there. Spirits and ingredients are carefully selected, and every step – whether stirring or pouring – is precise to the point of extreme. “With so much dedication that goes into every move, as a guest on the other side of the counter you can’t help but feel honored and respected,” said the “Mochi” founders. Well then: Kanpai!


5 cl Fernet Hunter100-150 ml Kimino Yuzu Sparkling Juice1 dried lavender sprigSolid Ice


Fill a tall glass with solid ice, add spirit. Pour lemonade into the drink. Lift the ice cream with a spoon (do not stir) so that the ingredients mix gently. Garnish drink with lavender.

The recipe comes from “Crispy

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