The company Ostsee Fisch recalls mackerel fillets. The product item no. 48816 mackerel fillet 150g natural, batch number: L220818, best before date: 09/18/2022. According to a statement from the manufacturer, the measure was initiated because an internal analysis of this product had detected Listeria monocytogenes. It cannot be ruled out that the product contains listeria.

The consumption of the product is therefore strongly discouraged. The Baltic Sea Fish GmbH

Only products of the batch mentioned are affected by this precautionary measure, the manufacturer’s announcement goes on to say. Customers can therefore return the product in the respective market and receive a refund of the purchase price.

Listeria can lead to infection with diarrhea and fever. The bacteria can be life-threatening for people with a weakened immune system.

A few years ago, a tragic case in connection with listeria caused a stir in Germany: three people died after eating sausage contaminated with germs (stern reported). The bacteria is commonly found in raw animal-derived foods, but it can also show up on vegetables. The star has compiled which foods are particularly at risk.

Markelenfilets are not the only products affected by a recall these days. Lactalis Deutschland GmbH has recalled a total of seven products. The manufacturer warns of metallic foreign objects in the goat cheese products produced in France. They are in traffic throughout Germany at Lidl, Pierre Meyer, Edeka and Aldi Süd, among others. You can find out exactly which products are affected here.

Sources: Baltic Sea Fish, Berliner Zeitung