The “Eurotrip” is currently extremely popular with influencers from America, Australia and Asia – but instead of partying and cheap beer, the current wave of young travelers in Europe are primarily looking for culture, good food and idyllic settings that can be seen in photos and videos in do well on social networks. At least since the second season of the hype series “White Lotus”, which took place in a hotel in Italy, many tourists want to experience exactly this feeling.

But real life isn’t a glossy series, and the reality of touring Europe can be pretty stressful. Australian influencer and OnlyFans model Mikaela Testa felt the same way. She reported with a TikTok video from the Italian island of Capri and stated resignedly: “It’s not everything that is claimed”. After a three-month trip to Europe, she would now “dying to finally be able to go home again.”

“Influencers come into these places and make them look so pretty and fantastic and photogenic, but half of it is edited together or filtered. That’s just not the truth,” Testa laments. In particular, no one would have mentioned how much and how long you had to walk to reach certain sights. “It takes all day to walk to a place you want to see!”

And even if she herself shares fantastic photos and videos from her vacation, reality seems to have spoiled her and her companion’s mood a lot. “We just hate everything. We’re negative. You get to a point where you hate everything around you and you just want something reliable, like your own bed, your own TV or your own cats.”

In the comments, users who are critical of Mikaeala Testa’s complaints quickly speak up. Perhaps the problem isn’t Europe, it is noted there, but rather the fact that you don’t normally travel for three months at a time? “Girl, you should be more grateful for the position you have. Many would die to be able to live your life,” it says. Or, “To see someone tear up your dream life is devastating.” “I swear influencers only come to Europe to whine,” quipped someone else.

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