After a strike on Saturday during the Champions League final, RATP union organisations have issued a new strike call for RER B Friday, the day the France-Denmark match at the Stade de France takes place.

“The strike at the Champions League final was a huge success and gives the trade unions a tangible balance of power. The May 28 fiasco generated international media coverage. Management is responsible for routing supporters to Stade de France. “CGT Metro-RER and Unsa in their appeals.

The unions that denounce the understaffing demand a bonus of 1,500 Euro in recognition of their role in the pandemic. We must “not lose our guard and stay mobilized over the long-term”

They write: “On June 3, let’s mobilize for France–Denmark” in League of Nations football. Only the RER B’s southern portion is operated by the RATP. The SNCF manages from the Gare du Nord the line towards Saint-Denis or the Stade de France. Therefore, the disturbances could only be concentrated in the southern section.