The rapper Sido suffers from hearing problems. He revealed this in the podcast “The Germans” by comedian Nizar and YouTuber Shayan Garcia. There he talked about almost everything: including listening – in a figurative sense. When it came to the question in which situations it was actually worth really listening, the rapper talked about his real hearing problems. He said, “Do you know how lucky I am? I’m losing my left ear. I really only hear a little in that ear here.”

When he then said: “That’s why I rarely understood what you said. But I read lips,” it wasn’t clear whether Sido was just joking. Because when his conversation partner reacted with surprise and asked: “Really?”, Sido laughed in the negative. But then explained that his joke only referred to the last part about lip reading. He said, “But seriously, I’m losing my ear right now.”

The rapper then described how exactly his hearing problems in one ear affect his everyday life. “I can lie on my ear at night and there’s something on TV: I can’t hear anything anymore,” he explained.

However, Sido sees the positive in his hearing problems: “I feel forced to hear everything. I’m very attentive. And fate, or whoever is up there, is giving me the gift that I don’t have to hear everything anymore.”

According to the “Apothekeumschau”, one-sided hearing loss can have various harmless causes, such as blockage by earwax. Nevertheless, a visit to the ear, nose and throat doctor’s office is recommended because the symptoms can also indicate a serious illness.

Recently, rapper Raf Camora had to postpone his tour due to “severe tinnitus” and “recurrent” sudden hearing loss.

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